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Category Grade  Characteristic    Application
PA6 T303A1HFGxVx  Flame retardant with halogen and galss fiber reinforced.High flame retardant,high intensity and steady measurement     Used in electronics,especially for the products who have many claims on colour 
T303A1FGxVx  Flame retardant free halogen and galss fiber reinforced.Steady flame retardant,high CTI and terrific comperhensive machanical function     Widely used in enviromental demandes and place of higher electrical function 
T303A1Gx  Glass fiber reinforced, high intensity and terrific steady measurement.     Used in high rigid and steady measurement parts 
T303A1GMx  Glass fiber and mineral reinforced      Electric tools, electrical and electronic products 
T303A1Mx  Mineral reinforced     Electric tools, electrical and electronic products 
T303A1Vx  High flame retardancy and high liquidity     Electrical and electronic products 
T303A1ST  Super toughness,Super highly impact strength and cold resistance     Used in products of which have higher claims on material′toughness 

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