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 Mission of Company:

Build up brand power, deliver top quality products and provide the first-class solution to our customers worldwide. 

We think in this competitive market, the rules for better surviving are to control the direction to move on.



The technology is the soul of a company  and quality is the guarantee of getting market. 




Developing Progress:

In the six years developing progress, Tai Su always keeps a low-key, decisive and strong desire working style. When the famous peers start to convince of the existing of Tai Su, we have already established our own statue in the modified engineering plastic industry.




Cooperation Partner:

Tai Su deem that the supplier offer not only the product but also should be the whole solution. So we can do the overall analysis according to client’s demands. Tai Su thinking highly of the cooperation with suppliers. We believe the stable and mutually beneficial relationship can bring the most directly profit.




Environmental protection:

We are always working on establishing a green enterprise and insist green management. We develop and build the environmental protection career which face to future more scientifically and more systematically with an active attitude.




As a raw material supplier, Tai Su has a strong responsibility to provide the product which fit the environmental protection, and the whole time actively obey the every rule of RoHs、REARCH Sony and so on.



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