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Shenzhen Tai Su plastic material technology Co, Ltd is specializing in development and industrialization of modified polymer materials. We mainly produce environmental flame retardant, environmental halogen free flame retardant, high intensity and thermostability nylon, PBT, PC and PP. Our products have been widely used in the area of electronics, automobile, communication and armarium etc.




The company covers an area of 16000 m2. We can produce 5000 tons per month and now has 23 production lines which including 6 w. p. twin-screw extruders and 17 national advanced-level twin-screw extruders. We possess several high polymer material professors and outstanding professional persons. Every year, we will invent new modified engineering plastic materials which are suitable for market demands. The flame retardant halogen free nylon which is produced by the flame retardant halogen free from our own invention, which is able to completely replace or even exceed the same products of big foreign polymer corporation


Name    Introduction   Name   Introduction

PA6 PA66

  Glass fiber, flame retardent,padding,alley(EP)  

Transparen-cy    PC

  Glass fiber, flame retardent,padding,  LED shading, alley(EP)

PA46   PA6T

PA9T PA12      

PA11 PA1010

    Porcelain white PC  
PBT   Glass fiber, flame retardent,padding(EP)   ABS+PC   Nature colour,glass fiber, flame retardent,(EP)
PET   Glass fiber, flame retardent,padding(EP)   PPS   Glass fiber, flame retardent(EP)
ABS   Glass fiber, flame retardent,padding(EP)   PP   Glass fiber, flame retardent,padding(EP)

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